Yet Another Headless Drupal Roundup

Has your head been spinning with all the recent hype surrounding Headless Drupal?

Fear not I am here to help! Instead of leaving you stranded scouring the internet for clues hours on end, I have decided to compile the catch-all Headless Drupal resource list.

First let me make sure you are acquainted with our subject. Drupal our plucky hero, the second most popular opensource CMS framework used around the globe:P And "headless", the concept of decoupling the front-end and back-end programming, or "Headless Drupal". 

Now that we have an intro, lets dig in. The list below will start by answering the most basic questions and topics on Headless Drupal and then gradually get into more specific complex subjects on things you can do with RESTful API, forms and Inline editing.

If you are looking for the widest variety of topics on this subject in one place visit the Headless Drupal Group link at: The following list includes trusted resources, articles, and opinionated bloggers who cover everything you need to know on this extensive topic. Or there is always the Headless Manifesto:)

Where to Start?

This page is a great starting point for learning the basics about Headless Drupal. Important starter questions are answered such as:

  • What is Headless Drupal?
  • How is Headless Drupal different?
  • Where is Headless Drupal headed?
  • How are Headless Drupal sites created?

This webpage also gives a very good visual diagram from Pantheon of how Headless Drupal is different from other more traditional site-building methods. A list of current big name Headless Drupal example sites are given as well. Which is very helpful in understanding the dynamics of the sites.


Headless Drupal Group

This group on is a wonderful resource! Here you can share thoughts, discuss all of the inner workings and find countless articles on most anything pertaining to Headless Drupal. Some of the article topics include:

  • Headless drupal 8 + AngularJS + NodeJS

  • Angular JS Module for Drupal

  • DrupalCon LA Sprint: REST module documentation and "Hello World" Examples of Headless Drupal 8

  • Unique Digital Experience using Headless Drupal 8

  • Why Go For Headless Drupal?

  • Headless app demo

This page is still updating and many more topics and forms can be found on the webpage.


An Article for the Pessimistic Realist

Though many are singing the praises of Headless Drupal it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Here we are given one man’s blunt take on why you might want to avoid it all together. Sebastian Siemssen dives into exactly what Headless Drupal is and what it is not. You can dig even further in the extensive comment and response section. Topics include:

  • What Does “Headless Drupal” Mean?

  • Why Are We Experiencing This Recent Hype?

  • Are You Ready to do Without Your Favorite Features?

  • Universal Challenges

  • Harder Problems: Traditional REST is a Dead End

  • Solutions to This Problem


Decapitated Drupal: The Downsides of Decoupling

 Mark Ferree, gives us some food for thought before jumping on the Headless bandwagon.


Understanding Headless Drupal

Here you will find an explanation of Headless Drupal, learn more about good and poor practices with Rest API and how front-end frameworks interact with the REST server.


Wondering Why You Should Use Headless or If It’s For You?

This post is part of a Drupal 8 series done by that dives into questions about whether or not this architecture is right for you.


Set Your Front-End Free With Headless Drupal

Informative thoughts on why to “go headless” along with a disclaimer about remaining issues and insight into the future potential of Headless Drupal.


Decoupled CMS: Why “Going Headless” Is Becoming So Popular

An extremely informative article helps you to understand decoupled architecture, why decoupled CMS matter, and what you can do with it.


Decoupled CMS

Another great resources on decoupled CMS by Josh Koenig


Retrieving Content Using Backbone

A post written by Ruben Teijeiro explains how to decouple Drupal front-end and use your own implementation using Backbone.js and Drupal 8 as a RESTful API to retrieve the content. Very informative tutorial with many helpful pictures.


Headless Drupal Demo

Josh Koenig challenges you to put your code where your mouth is! He suggests a focus on creating real-world implementations with various JS frameworks and offers a demo to back it up.


How to Create Reactive Headless Drupal 8 Interfaces with Meteor

Another great article by Here they discuss the benefits of combining Meteor framework and Drupal content management to creative interactive sites. There is also a tutorial with code on how to set it up.


DrupalCon LA: Headless roundup

All of the Drupalcon sessions in this roundup post have video recordings, so if you couldn't make it to LA this year, now it's almost like you were there...


RESTful API in Headless Drupal

This site gives information on how to test your Drupal API along with how Headless Drupal 6, 7 and 8 work with RESTful API. There are also sections concerning HTML for the benefit of SEO and user interface multilingualism.


Want to Know How to Build a Drupal-free theme Using 8’s REST API and JavaScript

This link will take you to an extensive 53 minute tutorial video on how to build a Drupal-free theme using 8’s REST API and JavaScript.


Angular.js with Drupal 8

Drupalcon LA Session walkthrough on how to build a simple Angular.js application on top of Drupal 8.


RESTful module

Development is handled on Github, here is the the D.O. project page for the curious

This module allows Drupal to be operated via RESTful HTTP requests, using best practices for security, performance, and usability.Forms Are Fun!

Short and to the point blog on how Headless Drupal can be used to make forms fun.


Inline Edit

Another blog from Gizra by Amitai Burstein this time showing up a live demo of an inline edit.


Headless Training Book

Michal Minecki's online "Headless Training Book" made with Bitbooks is by far one of most complete resources for getting started with Headless Drupal, be sure to read this before you dive in.


Headless Drupal 8 and AngularJS theme - Separation of Concerns

This post will walk you through how to get a Drupal 8 app server going with a AngularJS client side theme. The instructions were written as I went through the process on OS X, but are hopefully clear enough to work on other OSes and web servers.


A Guide On How To Develop A Hybrid App Using Drupal and Ionic Framework

The guide shows you how to build hybrid applications using Drupal as a REST server, and Ionic framework for creating a hybrid mobile application.



Keep this resource up todate...

Not the complete list of Headless Drupal resourses, but we plan to keep this up todate. Hopefully these links can help ease your informational search and educate you further on what Headless Drupal is, what it can do, how it can be used with your projects, and where it is headed in the future.  And of course if you have a resource I missed please make sure to share it in the comments.